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“Jo-Ann’s Little Dancers” has been sharing the love of dance and tumbling lessons across the Metroplex for over 30 years. Jo-Ann Ingram formed "Jo-Ann's Little Dancers" in 1986 to give children a fun and exciting environment where they can learn the basic art and techniques of dance while keeping the classes age appropriate with the dance material, modesty in the attire, and elimination of the competitive pressure. This is the philosophy and purpose behind "Jo-Ann's Little Dancers."


Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and faithfulness are principles that play a part in the class instruction. Equipped with these tools, children are free to absorb the joy of artistic expression, develop physical coordination, and are inspired to work collectively and harmoniously with others as a group. 


Classes are designed to care and nurture children ages 18months – 12yrs. We pride ourselves that each class is structured as a non-competitive learning environment. In order to preserve our student’s innocence, we are very mindful of our music selections and choreography.


We are looking forward to working with your children!

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