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Ballet and Tap

These classes will develop poise and coordination while teaching the fundamentals of ballet and tap. Classes will create group interaction skills and support your child's self-esteem and positive image. Children will also develop rhythm and music appreciation skills.

Ages: 3-17 years

Attire: Leotard (color optional), light pink tights, pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes.​​

Events: An informal Christmas Program and a formal spring recital (possible costume fees).

Tumbling For Tots

This class will teach the fundamentals of gymnastics on a floor mat, while developing flexibility and strength. Children will also learn coordination skills on balance beam and parachute exercises. Classes will build self-confidence; create group interaction skills while supporting your child's self esteem and positive image.

Ages: 3-5 years​​

Attire: Comfortable play clothes, girls can wear dance attire

Hip Hop / Jazz Dance Classes

Students will learn the basics of hip-hop and jazz technique and style. Students will learn how to stretch properly, learn center floor combinations, turns and work two dance routines. Dancers should wear black jazz shoes or sneakers along with dance wear or comfortable street clothes.

Ages: 3-17 years


Sporties for Shorties

This class is designed for 3-5 year olds to physically and emotionally develop the skills they need to successfully perform in organized sports. The skills covered are throwing, kicking, catching and batting. Parents and children will work together through stations and perform tasks that gradually build confidence in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Ages: 3-5 years

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